“Protecting Democracy from Disinformation Act will tightly restrict microtargeting, safeguard elections, prevent spread of disinformation.

U.S. Congressman introduce legislation which restricts the use of personal data “Microtargeting is a threat to our democracy. Campaigns and foreign actors can use this technology to manipulate voters with high volumes of misleading information that is virtually impossible to keep track of,” said Cicilline. “The American people should choose their leaders, not sophisticated data firms or foreign adversaries that have their own agendas.”

Political campaigns are expected to spend $1 billion this election cycle to send millions of ads that are tailored to individual households and voters based on their personal data. The practice allows campaigns to target voters with misleading information based on psychographic profiles that reveal which messages will prove most effective in influencing their behavior.”

SOURCE Disinformation Act tightly restrict microtargeting

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