Once again the European Union has excelled in its role as a policy maker.

The European Union launches an EU approach for efficient contact tracing apps to support gradual lifting of confinement measures.

This approach against the Covid-19, unlike those adopted in other countries, demonstrate the values upon which the European Union is grounded. We must never forget the reason why the union was founded. Since the end of the Second World War it has not been a safest place on earth, where the respect of individuals´ fundamental right such as a freedom of expression, of thought, of believe, among others is undoubtedly granted.

In its communication the European Commission states the long craved European toolbox for the use of mobile applications for contact tracing and warning in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

As it could not be otherwise, the European agents show their commitments towards our values and principles. Those same principles that had enabled the creation of a single European space for trade and for movement.

As stated by the Commission tracking apps, if fully compliant with EU rules, will play a key role in all phases of the crisis, especially when time will be ripe for lifting social distancing measures.

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