Spain. AEPD.

Recommendations to protect personal data in mobility and teleworking situations.

  • Define an information protection policy for mobility situations.
  • Choosing reliable and guaranteed solutions and service providers.
  • Restricting access to information.
  • Regularly configure the equipment and devices used in mobility situations.
  • Monitor access to the corporate network from the outside.
  • Rational management of data protection and security.



  • Respect the policy of information protection in situations of mobility defined by the person in charge.
  • Protecting the device used in mobility and access to it.
  • Ensure the protection of the information being handled.
  • Save the information in the enabled network spaces.
  • If there is a suspicion that the information may have been compromised, report the security breach immediately.

Much more information here . Only available in Spanish. Text in English upon previous request.


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