The UODO “dispels the doubts of the Ministry of Digitalization about the coronavirus”.

The question raised was whether sending text messages to all persons entering the country (Poland), informing them about the status and spread of the coronavirus in the country, was in contradiction with the provisions of the RGPD.

In light of recent events related to the spread of the virus, the Polish government points out the need to take urgent measures to inform persons arriving in Poland about recommended actions in case of suspected infection.

Considering the seriousness of the situation, the President of UODO decided that when telecommunication companies send messages related to the spread of the coronavirus to all “mobile phone users” entering Poland, the provisions of the “Act of 26 April 2007 on crisis management” should be applied. In particular, Article 21a of this Act indicates the obligation of telecommunication network operators to send messages about the emergence of a crisis to all mobile line users in the country.

In the opinion of the supervisory body, maintaining the strict procedures derived from the aforementioned legal act, the sending of messages by telecommunication operators does not violate the RGPD.

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