First report on the activities of the working group established by the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitisation for the assessment and adoption of data-based technologies.

The working group evaluated 319 proposals for technological solutions for monitoring and 520 for telemedicine, submitted in response to the “Innova for Italy” rapid call open from 24 to 26 March and provided two analyses related to both the evaluation of Contact Tracing and Privacy.

“The monitoring should be carried out in accordance with national privacy legislation in a secure framework and in harmony with European legislation and recent recommendations from the European Commission on the subject.

The working group addressed several issues, including

– analysis and study of the collection, conservation and processing of data related to the current emergency from a legal, economic, social, health and environmental point of view;

– analysis and mapping of existing databases of interest and levels of interoperability;

– analysis of the national and European regulatory framework with regard to the protection of personal data and the comparative recognition of solutions adopted in other systems, in the context of the EU and outside the EU.

The activities of the working group have been divided into eight subgroups with their respective fields of study.

Group 1 – General coordination of activities

Group 2 – Data collection and infrastructure

The group collects the data requests necessary to carry out the activities of the subgroups. It has mapped the databases of interest and analyses the databases received, manages and directs communications with those responsible for them. It identifies emergency-related data that public administrations disseminate in an open format.

Group 3 – Economic impact

Group 4: web data and socio-economic impact

The group’s activity is focused on the analysis of several data sources (Civil Protection, AGCOM, Facebook, Google Trends, Chatbot Medical Pages). To evaluate the impact of the blockade on economic and social variables in the national territory, at the provincial and municipal level; to develop guidelines and models for the relative weight of different variables (including demographics and mobility) in different possible scenarios for exiting the blockade and in collaboration with the communications authority (AGCOM).

Group 5 – Remote medical assistance

The main objective of the group is to identify the best technological applications and solutions for the active surveillance of patients with Covid-19 in home isolation, for the effective management of the ongoing health emergency.

Group 6 – Emergency management technologies

The objective of the group is to assess technologies to enable the protection of public health together with the restoration of conditions for economic and social activities and the protection of personal freedoms and data (freedom of movement and privacy). The group worked firstly on the evaluation of the international scenario, studying scientific documents and studies from all over the world, on the experiences of the application of contact tracing technologies. After this study, the group defined a series of requirements that the technologies and applications must meet in order to be adopted in our country.

Group 7: Big Data and AI for Policy

The group works on data-based policy tools, exploiting big data analysis and artificial intelligence technologies. The group is also working to make clinical and radiological data available for Italian and international research centers to work on the development of predictive and explanatory AI models for the clinical course of Covid patients. All the initiatives we offer pay extreme attention to the protection of privacy and cyber security of citizens.

Group 8 – Legal profiles of emergency-related data management

The work of group 8 is focused on evaluating the impact of technological solutions in terms of respect for privacy and other fundamental rights.


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