The CNIL has adopted the standard relating to the processing of personal data implemented for the purpose of human resources management. This standard is aimed at all private and public employers.

This standard aims to help employers with best practices concerning the smooth working of their Human Resources departments, when recruiting, internal communications are concerned, among other.

Compliance assistance tool, it applies data protection rules to current personnel management processing, such as recruitment, administrative personnel management, remuneration, or even making employees available to work tools.

Source, CNIL


Furthermore, it has published an insightgul article in a FAQs format regarding The human resources management reference.

  • Why adopt a benchmark for personnel management?
  • Is it compulsory to respect this reference system?
  • Who is affected by this standard?
  • My organization made a commitment to compliance with simplified standard 46 (NS 46) before the GDPR. What should be done ?
  • What are the main changes compared to NS 46?
  • Do I have to inform or consult the staff representatives before implementing a new HR management tool or modifying an existing tool?

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