Ecuador: The National Government puts at the service of the Capital of the Republic (Quito) a new technological instrument to face the coronavirus: the COVID-19 Digital Platform.

  • The Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society (MINTEL) and the Provincial COE of Pichincha delivered to the Mayor of Quito, Jorge Yunda, reports generated by the COVID 19 Digital Platform, the new tool created to face the coronavirus pandemic.
  • In the case of quarantine and epidemiological fences, this tool will track people using PPPs, contact centers and georeferencing tools. This will establish zones of infected people, and suggest areas of fumigation and sites of mass concentration to be controlled.
  • To control crowding and mobility, the Telecommunications portfolio will geolocate the meetings of more than 30 people, using 911 cameras and tools such as the Big Data of telecommunications companies.
  • The COVID 19 Digital Platform was able to integrate various databases and is capable of generating information to address the coronavirus.
  • Private companies such as Kin Analytics, Grupo Link, Claro and Movistar participated in the creation of this tool.


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