New Google site allows to know whether the people are taking social distancing and lockdown measures seriously or not.

Google uses anonymous data localization in order to show the countries which are complying with the lockdown.

With its new web site, Google gathers the anonymous location data created by the users of its products and services, in order to provide an accurate map of the compliance of the social distancing measures, in different places worldwide. Likewise, Facebook has shared the anonymous location data of their users with relevant academic researches.

Each “Mobility Reports” contain information about movement patterns in six cathegories:

  1. Retail and recreation, (restaurants, cafes, shopping centers)
  2. Grocery and pharmacy.
  3. Parks, covering public beaches, marinas, dog parks, plazas, and other public spaces.
  4. Transit stations, covering subway stops and bus and train stations.
  5. Workplaces.
  6. Residences, covering people’s homes.

The objective is to help the sanitary public authorities tackling the virus and its spreading. Providing real time information in order to address first issues first.

Covid-19 Community Mobility Reports

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