France: Publication of CNIL’s opinion on the “StopCovid” mobile application project. Possible implementation of “StopCovid”: a contact tracking application whose download and use would be based on a voluntary process. Voluntary alert system, using the bluetooh of the devices, without resorting to geolocation measures.

In the exceptional context of crisis management, the CNIL considers that the system complies with the General Data Protection Regulation if certain conditions are met. In particular, its use should be temporary and the data should be kept for a limited period. Therefore, the CNIL recommends that the impact of the system on the health situation be studied and documented regularly, in order to help public authorities decide whether to maintain it or not. It notes that the government’s plan provides several guarantees, in particular the use of pseudonyms.

However, the CNIL calls for vigilance and stresses that the application can only be implemented if its usefulness is sufficiently proven and if it is integrated into an overall health strategy. It requires certain additional guarantees. It insists on the necessary safety of the device and makes technical recommendations.


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