About me

I’m Ignacio, a passionate young jurist. My goal is to disclose to you the bright side of the legal world.

We try our best to explain to you in plain languaje what does the legislation means in certain areas while trying to underestand how humans organize society and a peaceful existence .

We offer content about the main topics of current legal developments in the digital world. We try to break down, analyze and understand the lawmakers’s approach as he tries to catch up with the digital age where machines, artificial intelligence and algorithms are taking on unprecedented relevance.

We do appreciate your visit to IUSSOFIA!

The objective of this blog is none other than to try to help the reader to obtain an insightful vision and a critical approach that allows him to understand a little better the legal news and therefore the regulatory environment that surrounds us. Entering the digital revolution, entering the world of digitalization and artificial intelligence. Ready? Let´s Rock & Roll.