Peru: 16/02/2020. Directive “Processing of personal data through video surveillance systems”.


“The rule establishes, among other aspects, that the images captured through occupational video surveillance systems may not be used for commercial or advertising purposes; as well as that each access to the video surveillance area must have a visible sign or advertisement”.


“Likewise, that the images and voices recorded be stored for a period of thirty (30) days up to a maximum of sixty (60) days, with no exceptions. It also emphasizes the obligation to request the registration of the personal data banks that such systems generate and the obligation to guarantee the security of the data and avoid their alteration”.


“The image and voice are personal data, insofar as they are information that identifies us or makes us identifiable to others. The use of surveillance cameras, for security purposes, work control, (…), is legitimate, as long as the Law No. 29733 on the protection of personal data is observed”.



Press release:

Link Directive:°-01-2020-DGTAIPD-1.pdf

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