The Brazilian Federal Public Ministry is against postponing the entry into force of the General Data Protection Law.

For the MPF, the rule may help the country to face the pandemic.

In the document, the MPF states that the LGPD can help the country in the development of actions and collaboration with foreign actors during the pandemic. In addition, it highlights the importance of installing, as soon as possible, the National Data Protection Authority and the National Council for Personal Data Protection and Privacy, bodies that should already be fully operational.

International repercussions – The document highlights that the postponement of the entry into force of the General Data Protection Law sends a negative message to the international community that Brazil is having difficulty adapting to the minimum levels of guarantee of respect for Human Rights. Furthermore, it generates distrust and insecurity in commercial and service relations, and more obstacles to the circulation of data, goods and services, with a greater economic loss at a time when the crisis is already widespread.

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